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Since 2009, there is a close connection with the German exclusive company Aigner. In close cooperation, the shop concepts are adapted to current conditions and requirements in several stages of evolution. In 2018, the new shop concept was implemented in a Berlin-based location with full-scale project support across all service phases.


Bright materials, steel colors and high-quality travertine stone give the store a exclusive and impressive overall impression. The spatial conditions were used as special presentation areas for product placement. The basic shape of the floor plan creates a rounded pocket presentation platform to showcase the products. In addition to advertising planning and approval planning, responsibility for detail and implementation planning lay in the hands of hahn&hahn, as did the site management. In addition to the local supervision of the project on site, further cross-sectional functions are among our main activities in the context of implementation planning and construction management - click here to find out more.

further projects: Aigner Showroom Munich

further project realizations in 17 countries worldwide

/ 2018

/ Berlin, Germany

/ conceptual design, implementation planning, construction management

/ further realized project locations - conceptual design, implementation planning: Italy, United Arab Emirates (4 locations), China (11 locations), Austria (4 locations), Singapore, South Africa, Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jordan, Middle East, Latvia, South Korea , Taiwan, Oman


/ further realized project locations - conceptual design, implementation planning, construction management: Berlin, Cologne, Parndorf, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Leipzig, Starnberg, Wertheim, Metzingen


/ Retail

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