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For the international and high-quality fashion brand Digel, an adequate showroom environment for business customers in Sindelfingen, Germany was created in 2018. The performance profile of the implementation planning and construction management was superimposed by hahn & hahn.


A long-term relationship with the fashion label Digel enabled a smooth targeting in the coordination and realization with shop fitters and tradesmen on site. In addition to the local support of the project on site, further cross-cutting functions are among our main activities in the context of implementation planning and site management - click here to find out more.

/ 2018

/ Munich, Germany

/ implementation planning, construction management

/ further locations, Retail Outlet: Metzingen, Südkorea

/ further locations, Showroom: Sindelfingen,  Frankfurt, Pforzheim, Stockholm, Warschau, Paris


/ Showroom

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