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Cool Curry

Everything is new in May! We begin the month with the color combination Cool Curry. The mixture of bright concrete and warm wood can hardly be ignored in architecture. A well-grounded base for every concept, which gives other elements enough room to breathe.

The combination grants spatial designs naturalness and freshness, simultaneously also a pleasingly warm atmosphere. The aspect of naturalness and the getting back to nature and its raw materials, as well as sustainability is as current as it can be in architecture. Concomitant lays the attention on special interior styles like „Japandi“ - the approach to unite the cool nordic look with the reduced eastern aesthetics. The fusion of concrete and wood is made for this kind of style.

Combined with bold colors or materials it creates a modern and strong impression  for many kind of spaces. Cool Curry is the perfect background to give the highlights the necessary freedom to shine. A harmonious and well-balanced composition will be originated with warm earthy or subtle pastel tones. So every element can step into the foreground equally without disturbing the overall concept.


We are looking forward to all the possibilities Cool Curry brings.


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Cool Curry.



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