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Sunset Red

It’s summer. vacation time. The colors intensify as well as our senses. Through strong, warm tones we bring the summer in our concepts and let us inspire by the colors of nature. So do Sunsets provide a breathtaking variety of shades of red which create a comfortable intimate atmosphere. In architecture a powerful color as Red will be either an individual highlight or a leading tone for a whole concept. Depending on the area of application a Sunset Red can be a dynamic focus or a soft addition to the design. In combination with natural wood or cool concrete Sunset Red appears as a strong contrast, a perfect ensemble for retail or gastronomy. Recommended for private estates or retreats is a more harmonic and soft composition with color-related materials, such as brick or terra cotta. With all its facets Sunset Red is definitely not leaving our color-world.


We are looking forward to breathtaking Sunset Reds.


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Sunset Red.



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