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Caribbean Sea

We all have wanderlust in these times more than ever, so we deliver you the perfect vacay-mood-colorpalette : Caribbean Sea. Blue and Green tones link each other to versatile combinations, which call up the most different associations. Heaven and deep sea, distance and infinity, relaxation and silence, effortlessness and coolness - blue is all around and an all-round talent.

In interior architecture we see more and more of it, weather it is in carpets, textiles or furniture and walls. Soft combinations with natural materials like wood or natural fibers underline a slow down atmosphere, through intensive colors like coral, pink or red a brave and complimentary look is formed. Blue combined with shades of grey result in a more puristic and minimal style.

Blue offers the most diverse possibilities for design and is here to stay in our color-world.


We are looking forward to caribbean times.


/ Think creative to feel the

Caribbean Sea.

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