Living Coral

This month we are dealing with the probably most mentioned color of the year - Living Coral. A strong coral red with orange nuance was chosen by the company and color specialist Pantone as the color of the year 2019. The color has its origin in one of the most biodiverse habitats of our ecosystem - the coral reef.

Spatial concepts give the color freshness and naturalness. Particularly in an environment of digital media, the feeling of authenticity and naturalness in physical stagings is desirable for many brands. Despite the present-day expression of color, it can be combined in various ways in concepts. In combination with cool tones, a contemplative and modern atmosphere is created. In combination with warm summer tones and soft pastel shades, a summery and warm staging can be created. Probably the simplest possible combination is a combination of shades of the underwater world. A turquoise but also combinations with complementary colors like green guarantee a coherent room concept.


We love Living Coral for its positive and affirmative effect.


/ Think creative to protect the ocean!

Despite the incredible beauty and color variety of the coral reefs, the question arises whether these riffs will continue to be preserved for following generations. The coral reefs are also affected by global warming and are threatened to die out


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