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/ We open our sketchbooks and show what has kept us busy, inspired or stayed in our heads


At the end of every month, we open our sketchbooks and show what has occupied us over the past weeks. From different topics and sectors we show partial excerpts from projects, inspirations and ideas. On the one hand we want to create space for inspiration and on the other hand create a possibility for creative exchange.


/ Logo Design

At the beginning of 2019, the hahn & hahn office has received a new corporate design. This also included the update of the previous logo. Keeping the language of form at the same time, the focus should be on the core values ​​of the office - timelessness, authenticity and clarity. With these values ​​at heart, the transformation of the logo has begun. At this point, we give insights into the process of developing the new logo for the hahn&hahn, from the first sketch to the finished logo.



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