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Why colors?

Colors play a key role especially in creative industries and have a great influence on the design of spaces. The increasing power of color choice and statement is reflected in trends such as Millennial Pink or Gen Z Yellow, ranging from the viral trend to the coloration of retail spaces.


Why Colorful?

On the one hand, we want to share the passion for colors and creative processes with the monthly "Colorful" and, on the other hand, we are constantly giving space for color research and trends.The monthly contributions to the subject colorful contains an outline to a selected color. On the one hand, the selection of color refers to current trends and movements in the color world, and on the other hand, it shows exemplary color compositions in spatial concepts.


Sunny Olive?

Color of the month of September - Sunny Olive.

A few weeks ago we asked ourselves the question, which color does the office hahn & hahn carry?

We are up to date, but not from the catalog. We are innovative, but not trendy. We are creative, but not crazy. We are present, but not intrusive. In the end, we came across Sunny Olive - a color that radiates continuous topicality and timelessness as well as something growing and positive.

The result is Sunny Olive as a new Corporate Color for the office hahn&hahn.


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