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In 2018, an innovative office space was developed for the Stuttgart department store Breuninger. The employees have access to a multifunctional workspace that allows collaborative work as well as working in privacy on around 1000sqm.

Flexible tools such as "cubes" give individuals and teams the opportunity to work effectively in an open-plan retreat.


An open coffee bar with agora serves as seating and meeting place for additional interaction of employees. Individual chalk board surfaces along the paths of the office space enable further interactive work and design options. A ceiling structure with baffles not only ensures pleasant acoustics in the room, but also makes the ceiling visually recede and ceiling functions disappear. The design of the room is modern and young, which is further supported by the materials such as maritime pine and accentuations by the corporate color of Breuninger.

Multifunctional work spaces 


/ Office

/ 2018

/ Stuttgart, Germany

/ conceptual design, implementation planning, construction management

/ Photography: David Matthiessen

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